Sub Rosa

A bloodcurdling ghost emerged between my legs the other day, blood pumping ferociously like the night we met. Visions of your white room broke a sweat just above my eyebrows that blended seamlessly into my teardrops.  I was transported to the moments where I lay frozen in time and body. Tick tock tick – tick… Boom. Like a corkscrew in my gut that I begged you to pull out, pain sharper than a kitchen knife, unprecedented motionlessness loud enough to shatter your windows. But no matter–you hadn’t found the finish line yet. I remember the nights when my mind preferred to travel to faraway places, quietly singing a song through its journey, sending invisible sonic ripples through the damp, compressed air. All the while my body remained pinned down, statically playing a part in your pleasure to keep your words soft, and your voice at a steady amplitude. When I returned, I would always hope you found the ecstasy I was robbed of.

All in the name of Love.