These words:
a silent dance in the dark
for these fingers and lungs.
a hot breath exerted from the back of my throat
violently thrust towards unseen spaces
curling into a thousand spirals and floating to the corners
of my bedroom before vanishing into my air vents.

These ribs:
a canvas for carnivorous claws
hastily outlining their fury with blood and precision.
the target of a centrifugal force exerted
by a decaying, chemically colonized mind.

This chest:
an empty cavity where chaos pulses
and pushes
and pulls.
a tumultuous ocean floor
where mayhem rises like a tsunami
and never crashes.

These eyes:
an old lighthouse
where seafoam gently sprinkles over a residue
of emotion.
two rivers flowing in reverse, away
from an ocean storm
with currents powerful enough
to fracture concrete.

This skin:
a petting zoo for your calloused hands
a mutable bodysuit for the soul
a protection and entrapment
a putrid solvent to the touch.

This tongue:
a compulsive liar and false prophet
regurgitating scripture
delivering messages of salvation onto yours
while the apocalypse within
dances with cactus spines
lodged into its heels.
Thousands of tireless rehearsals and a show
performed passionately through muscle memory
sending chills down your spine
making you feel, and laugh, and cry
comfortably boxing eternity into
and end
for your pleasure.

This heart:
a compression of radioactive waste
years in the making
the center of a star that collapsed upon itself
desperate to reclaim the light it incessantly radiated
and never received,
culminated into an annihilation
of all within reach.