About the Artist

Estefania Schubert (formerly known as Franz) is a queer Jewish/Uruguayan poet and multi-media artist currently based in Southern California. She graduated with a BA in Intercultural & Interpersonal Communication Studies from CSUF in 2018. A woman of many passions, her mediums include painting, audio & visual production, event planning, poetry, zine-making, and jewelry-making. Her poetry can be found in the YANYR Anthology published by Rhythm & Bones Literary Magazine, her self published zine Desamor: An Anthology of Heartbreak, and Flume Literary Journal.

Her artwork and poetry have been displayed at Sonder Exhibit in New York City and Viva La Muxer in Los Angeles.

Her handmade jewelry has been featured on Remezcla and VoyageLA Magazine.


What is ‘Agua de Hadas’?

Agua de Hadas is the online multi-media project of Estefania Schubert created with the intention of putting her various creative mediums into one cohesive space. Founded in 2014 under the name ‘Neaptyde Jewelry’, this project has expanded to include handmade crystal adornments/ accessories, poetry, paintings, collages, zines, and events. It was renamed & rebranded as Agua de Hadas in 2018 to account for its multifarious nature, an umbrella term of sorts for this one-woman run project. Her dream is to fulfill her childhood fantasy of being a bad-ass Renaissance woman, while building meaningful and healing connections with others through the magick of art, technology, and community.